Talent Acqusition


At Skillset, our forte is in the ability to provide a variety of customer specific services in the field of Talent Acquisition to our clients. We look at placement from a dual perspective. For the enterprise, we ensure a perfect match between the candidate and the position filled, thus scaling up productivity for the employing organization. For the candidate, we ensure that the placement presents a comprehensive growth path. The personalities and ambitions of the enterprise and the candidate must be compatible for their relationship to succeed.

Regular Service:

After searching and researching, we conduct in-depth interviews and check references. This ensures that clients and candidates of Skillset are safe in the knowledge that the right choices have been made. We provide professional, efficient and personalized service to our clients and candidates in the sphere of Talent Acquisition. We ensure this by employing professionals that realize your needs and have a philosophy which is committed to providing a friendly and professional post-placement service.

Our candidates can be safe in the knowledge that we do not just place them but we care for their often stressful move to a new area and company. Furthermore, our clients should have peace of mind regarding the candidates that we have placed with them, safe in the knowledge that they will continue to stay with them happily.

Importance of skill set!

For Talent Acquisition by employers, their skill set needs to come first. The employer absolutely must find people who have the hard skills to do whatever it is they are being hired to do. Programmers have to know how to program. Data analysts need to know how to crunch numbers in Excel. Marketers must know their marketing tools and software. Social media managers must know the tools of their trade like Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, and have writing and communication skills.

After the employer has identified candidates with these hard skills, they can shift their focus to their candidates' mindsets--attitude, integrity, work ethic, personality, etc.

At Skillset, we define premium skills as the set of digital, social, and technical tools professionals use to be effective in the workforce. A skill set is a particular category of skills necessary to acquire a job. Examples of specific skill set include human relations, research and planning, leadership and management, and computer skills. Job listings often include a list of skill sets that applicants require. In your resume and cover letter, include your skill set that apply to the job listing. For example, if a position requires an applicant with strong computer skills, include a list of the software programs you are familiar with. A Job skill set has to do with the qualifications necessary to acquire a position with a company and the level of experience that you need in order to qualify.

As you work you acquire a skill set, and you should make a skill set inventory and work on developing skills that will help you to move up within an organization, industry or profession. Your resume should highlight your skills and develop from your background the depth of your experience, with a focus on the direction you want to take in order to further your development.

Your skill set is best developed from the job tasks that you perform on your jobs, and by reading what the requirements are for positions so that you use the same keywords throughout your resume. When you first start out from college you need to have at least an internship to address this with and other prior work experience. At first you may only have basic job skills, and that is to be expected.

An excellent set of work characteristics is a good norm or practice to start with such as: self-starter, able to work independently, proven performance (examples from activities, clubs, or undertakings in school.)

Skillset can help you with all this and more. So call or e mail. We are looking forward to serving you.