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What are Psychometric Tests?

How to find out which is the ideal job for you?

Why should School and College students take Psychometric tests?

It is not a good idea to be carried away by the persuasions and pressures of relatives and friends while choosing your Career. Career decisions need to be taken considering many aspects including your skill sets, your aptitude etc. There are times when we make these crucial decisions randomly without giving much thought. It can be a tricky situation with many uncertainties. Psychometric testing can reduce these uncertainties by giving you concrete answers regarding your personality and skills which in turn can help you in the decision making process on Career Guidance.

In a broad sense, Psychometric test can be understood as a kind of career aptitude test to facilitate Career Guidance. In simple terms, it is a career test that helps a job applicant or candidate to objectively assess his/her personality, abilities and aptitude. Psychometric tests help you answer the question "what is the Best Career which suits you?" It helps you match your personality with an ideal career. It is a comprehensive evaluation of your personality and competencies so that they are in sync with your values,interests and skills.

Psychometric testing is used to find more information on someone's personality and how they think. It's a good way to find a person's work strengths and abilities. It is the best tool available in the field of Career Guidance.

Psychometric testing is also a tool used in the recruitment process by many employers. It is recognized as an efficient way to gain insight into a person's personality and psychological thinking. It can help develop team spirit in the workplace and assess an individual's priorities.

Psychometric testing is usually an office-based procedure, although the test itself can be conducted anywhere. Many sample Psychometric tests are available online. Some of these are processed using software applications. The test should only take around 15 to 30 minutes to complete, although depending on the depth of the test, it may take longer. There are tests to assess sales capability, management styles and social personality traits. Authenticity of many of these tests, however, remains questionable.

Online Psychometric tests through Skillset

The online Psychometric assessment system introduced by Skillset enables students to assess skills and personality traits as also get top career choices that they could ideally consider. Additionally, shortcomings and training needs are also identified in one go i.e. both Psychometric and Employability assessments are conducted in one event in a continuous flow and results for both are generated simultaneously, which helps save time. You also have a choice to take one test at a time.

Our assessment tests are developed by the psychologists who bring-in 30 years of collective experience in behavioral assessment in various organizations. The convergence of their research and the validation of distinct factors have led to the formation of robust and accurate assessment system. Psychometric assessments introduced by Skillset are developed by experienced psychologists who have based on their practical experience, a combination of various world renowned psychological theories and filters for accuracy to include career values, occupational interest, personality, skills and abilities and subjects have come up with the most in depth test designed for students of Skillset.

Skillset is confident of bringing the best Career Guidance tests as it realizes the importance of this first step towards showing students a preferred path based on who they are. We can give you guidelines and support if you take our online Psychometric tests. Please remember, these tests are meant for shaping your long term career. The right decision taken at the right time would always help you in your career life. One problem with the internet is that, you get all types of information there. Downloadable Free Online Psychometric Test may be an easy option. However, how can we verify if they are really scientific and authentic?

Skillset wanted to introduce the best module and has gone to great lengths to bring a very relevant Psychometric test for a reality check on Career Guidance.